Prince Harry refuses to ‘sit still’ after Spare’s success

According to a royal specialist, Prince Harry is “very adamant” that his memoir “Spare,” which was published in January, won’t be his “last word.”

Nicholas Owen, a royal author, stated to Express, “He clearly believes that the book should not serve as the final authority. Sincerely, this touches on one of the most significant issues I consider: what will Harry, Meghan, and everyone else do next?”

It’s fine to express your frustration with your family, how awful your childhood was, and all of that other stuff. However, the expert warned that if you’re careless, you risk becoming a one-trick pony.

The royal expert continued, “You’ve got to find something else to tell the world, some other way to get money.”

Harry’s memoir, which became the fastest-selling non-fiction book, was also commended by the royal expert. The expert argued that we should “give him credit for that,” but he also pointed out one aspect of it that “quite baffles” him, specifically the fact that Prince Harry’s book was discounted “from the very beginning.”

In his memoir, Prince Harry discusses the terrible death of his mother Princess Diana, his relationship with his father King Charles, and his relationship with his brother Prince William. He also details his life as a member of the royal family, a husband, and a parent.