Margrethe Skolen

Fashion Brand Margrethe Skolen
Fashion Brand Margrethe Skolen

Margrethe-Skolen is Scandinavias leading Fashion and Design School with students from all over the world

Margrethe-Skolens strength lies in the creative approach to education in design. The positive, dynamic and creative atmosphere of the school stimulates the students to develop their personality, originality and individuality. This is a development which, through fundamental, factual and creative studies, endows the graduating student with an ability to realise design projects for industry, brands or their own production. 

Achieving this result demands exertion and stamina. Students have to endure hard work to gain the basic “tools of the trade” in order to create new forms and show originality in their designs. They must be clever enough in their sketching to give expression to both creative and technical drawings, so that these can be used as guidelines in the process towards the optimal solution. -Margrethe-Skolens